I'd buy you the world if i could

Hi, I'm Sophie:) I don't blog to impress. I blog to express, and this is where I post everything that I like. I hope you like:) // Zac Efron / Movies i love;P / Randomz / Fun - who don't like? / Pets / Cheese / Personal/ Gifs/ big bang theory / HIMYM / blah blah blah;) ENJOY!!
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"I'll never try to put on a fake image. I'm just Zac."



realising that we’re almost halfway through the year 2013 and i have literally achieved nothing 


realising that you’re reading this almost halfway through 2014 and still haven’t achieved anything


people on tumblr who call me by my name are my favorites

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soon i will have to pay rent and food and INTERNET AND IM NOT READY FOR THAT

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